Page Valley Arts Council supporting the arts in Page County VA


Arts & Cultural Movement dedicated to celebrate, promote & enhance the cultural heritage of the local community.

Foster a regional creative economy by identifying, organizing and promoting our visual and performing arts, cultural activities and other creative endeavors.

  • Vision: Art, as it relates to the Five Senses.
  • Touch: Sculpting, Textiles, Dance, Healing
  • Sight: Painting, Photography, Architecture
  • Sound: Music, Wind Chimes, Water Features
  • Taste: Culinary Arts, Winemaking, Honey
  • Smell: Floral Design, Gardens, Candlemaking
  • And many, many more!

What is the Page Valley Arts Council?

The Arts Council (housed under LDI because of its 501(C)3 status) was organized and one of its first goals is to establish an arts and cultural district in Luray and initiate a request for a formal designation. It prepared information and suggestions to Town Council, using a small group of interested volunteers.

artThe role of a council could provide leadership in mobilizing cooperation and involvement from various groups and citizens in order to grow the local art economy, thereby creating jobs and increasing income levels.  Efforts will focus on capitalizing and enhancing the efforts of existing arts & cultural initiatives by: facilitating collaborative marketing and service efforts; securing funding to support economic development within the creative economy; and attracting business and tourism to the proposed cultural district.

A countywide representation was determined important in building a creative economy, pulling artists and an audience from outside the district and naming the council Page Valley Arts Council. The first order of business was to concentrate on a strategic plan to find funding resources.

The first phase of this plan is to define our demographics- what and who is out their offering art and appreciating art. This planning process will involve citizens, local organizations and businesses who are interested and/or already committed to enriching the community through promoting creativity, entrepreneurship and arts & culture.  The “creative economy” initiatives will touch a wide range of profit and non-profit organizations including individual artists, musicians, design studios, shops, technology companies, libraries, composers, musicians, performing arts venues, festivals/events, agricultural markets, education, artisan manufacturing, graphic design, etc.

Eight-member Arts Council Board was established to coordinate involvement from various local sectors. First priority is to involve local artists and art audiences and gather information about the artists in our area by asking them to join an art directory.

The Arts Council asked for feedback through a series of questions placed on blog sites and Facebook. Page Valley Arts Council has started work on a strategic plan that was completed in the first quarter of 2011.

PVAC Overview and Future