Team Building

The arts…bringing revenue to Page County. Last Thursday, the DC nonprofit World Resources Institute, Food Forest, and Water Department.conducted a team-building art exercise led by Lucia King at the Warehouse Art Gallery….(Photos by Ben Somberg)

The Arts Council is dedicated to helping to create opportunities like this one and incorporating Page County art into other activities and events, such as wedding planning.

Great Events in Luray & Page County

We are becoming an arts destination–last week, more than 30 people showed up to make clay turtle bowls at the Warehouse Art Gallery, in a free art workshop conducted by Cathie Miranda.

This Saturday, we had a great turnout to make clay house-themed ornaments and enjoy music by Keith Traylor.

Shenandoah Moon offered a class in jewelry making, and in the evening, the Arts & Artisans Gallery featured Lee Brennan, who regularly performs at the Griffin  Tavern in Flint Hill and other venues throughout the region.

Every week, there is so much to see and do in Page County. Enjoy this fantastic arts destination.

And don’t forget to send in your entry form to the art exhibit “Colors” by Aug 31.

Luray Singing Tower

vThe Luray Singing Tower, officially known as the Belle Brown Northcott Memorial contains a carillon of 47 bells, is a gift by the late Col. T.C. Northcott and his daughter, Mrs. Katherine Northcott Graves, in memory of Col. Northcott’s wife, Belle Brown Northcott.

It was dedicated in 1937, and is owned and maintained by the Luray Park Association.

The schedule to hear the Luray Singing Tower concerts are:

Recital Schedule
April & May:  Saturday & Sunday at 3PM
June – August: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday at 8PM
September & October: Saturday & Sunday at 3PM

Check their Facebook page here for special upcoming events

Luray Singing Tower Website Here.

Introduction to Basketweaving

Woven Candle Holdersat Shenandoah Moon
58 W Main St, Luray, Virginia 22835
Thursday, July 5 at 1 PM – 3 PM

Wow! Julia Verba will lead an introductory basket-making class as we create a woven candle holder. We will start with a metal “form”, then weave various materials through it to make a 9″ tall candle holder.

The cost for this is $7, cash or check, which will go to Julia to reimburse her for materials.

Please, no perfume or highly scented lotions.

Below, view a selection of Julia’s baskets.

Thank you to the Page County Supervisors!

The PVAC was awarded a grant from the County to build tourism and outreach–our goal is to establish Page County as a national arts destination.

Check out our new rack card, which will be distributed across the valley and beyond to showcase the arts in this region.

We are planning the first art exhibit under the auspices of the Page Valley Arts Council, to be held at the Warehouse Art Gallery this fall.

Stay tuned for details and visit Page Valley for the array of weekly and monthly arts activities, workshops, and demonstrations by regional artists. Celebrate creativity and community!

Hello & Welcome

The Page Valley Arts Council is a 501(c)3 all-volunteer organization created to showcase the many artists and artisans in our region.

It was developed by artists for artists and those who enjoy the arts.

Our first event under our new structure is the Festival of the Arts in Downtown Luray, March 23-25, 2018.

We look forward to developing an ongoing series of events and activities.

Jim Mayes, President

Cathy Herbert, Vice President

Cathie Miranda, Treasurer

Susan Rocke, Secretary