Warehouse Art Gallery Announces Changes

From: Jim Mayes

It is with excitement that I announce the following changes for the Warehouse Art Gallery.

The Warehouse has achieved a very good reputation for the talent of our incredible artists, being consistently rated as one of the top galleries in Virginia. We have continued to get great reviews from our visitors from all over the world.

However, I do not own the building, which is in the process of complete renovation. Due to disruptions, dust, downsizing, challenges to the contractor by our continued presence, and to the uncertainties of renovation, with no end in sight, and to the recent notice of increased rent, effective January 1, we have decided the time is right for new adventures.

This is where the excitement comes in. We will be continuing operations at two other locations, albeit on a greatly reduced scale.

  1. We have arranged with Wes and Eileen Porter to reopen the “Arts and Artisans Fine Art Gallery” at 4 East Main Street, Luray.
  2. It will be home to and operated by the “Page Valley Arts Council”, and will be open by mid-December, with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hours for the remainder of the month.
  3. As a non-profit, the Page Valley Arts Council will gratefully accept tax deductible donations, allowing them to continue their community service activities.
  4.  We will relocate the “Warehouse Art Gallery” to the “Blue Ridge Artists” studio building at 3054 US Hwy 211 West, Luray. We will have a gallery, working artists’ studios, sculpture garden, and festival site, with a goal of opening by May.
    Both are great locations and will feed off each other and draw even more visitors.
  5. While very sad that we cannot accommodate all of our artists, and the wonderful eclectic collection of art they presented at the Warehouses’ current location, we will continue to be successful with the Arts. We also expect that additional galleries will spring up.
  6. The Warehouse Art Gallery will continue to operate, at its present location, until December 31, 2022. If there is a work of art you have had your eye on, but hesitated, come in by December 31, and make an offer.

We have an incredible number of tables, chairs, display units, and other items we will not have space for. Please come in between January 9- 22, 12-5pm. If you see something you would like, please make an offer. What remains will be given to Page One or other/s.

Again, while sad to let go of this incredible community resource, we are excited to move ahead exploring the many new ideas that have already sprung from this decision.
Love and Peace…….Jim Mayes, Owner